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Provider Spotlight: Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation, Hillard, OH


Chris Ahlum is a second generation arborist who grew up in the family business. His father Dave started Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation 37 years ago and today they run the company together. They have approximately 30 employees and cater to high-end residential clients and also do some commercial work.

EAB Entrenched in Ohio

“Our service area in central Ohio covers a seven county area. This includes Columbus and Franklin County, as well as the surrounding areas. Emerald Ash Borer [EAB] is well entrenched in and on its way through Columbus now. We have had to modify our business model around EAB. Our business used to be 80% pruning and 20% removal, and now we are probably more 50/50 in our services. Unfortunately, 85-90% of our removal now is ash trees.”

Despite the challenges, the Ahlums have not given up on Ohio’s ash trees.  They invested in treatment products and this side of the business has increased significantly.

Treating with TREE-äge

“Over the past two years we have started using TREE-äge® Insecticide for nearly 90% of our ash tree treatments. We exclusively use the Arborjet QUIK-jet™ because it is simple to operate and we can train someone to use it quickly. We like that you can see the dose and know it is going in the tree.”

Want to learn more about Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation, QUIK-jet or TREE-äge? Contact us!

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©2014 Arborjet, Inc. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status. TREE-äge® Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide and must only be sold to and used by a state certified applicator or by persons under their direct supervision. TREE-äge® is a registered trademark of Arborjet, Inc.

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Provider Spotlight: Earthwise Landscape & Pest Control Services, Atascadero, CA

logo-for-earthwise(1)Steve Despain, the owner of Earthwise Landscape & Pest Control Services has been in the structural pest control business in Atascadero, CA for 25 years. In recent years, he hired his son and decided to specialize in treating trees. “I always had a love for trees and pursued some forestry training back in college in the 70s.  I live in a Tree City USA, so there is the market, the need, and this love that I have. Now that I am in my sixties, I’m trying to slow down a bit and hand more over to my son. When I am completely out of the pest control business I will continue to offer tree services as a modified retirement.

Honesty & Integrity

“Since the initial purchase of equipment and basic training, my Arborjet representative, Dawn, has mentored me in different areas. I trust her implicitly.  The honesty, integrity, training and the availability of the Arborjet staff for questions and feedback has been fantastic.  All of our marketing has been word of mouth. One job turns into several referrals and that is a gradual growth that I am comfortable with. Business is taking care of itself.

Preventing Infestation

“The biggest issue I have is that by the time I get the calls the trees are usually sick, dead, or dying, and the prognosis is often marginal at best. We can try to save it and that might add a few years to its life. It’s like anything else…people don’t go to the doctor until they get sick and it’s the same with the trees. By the time they call, the tree is already showing signs of infestation and browning throughout the canopy. Very few people use a prophylactic measures to prevent infestation. My clients trust my judgment and see how the trees rebound. In the most cases once you treat, it takes a season to see the result. I simply give my clients the facts and tell them the options so they can make their decisions.

Rewarding Feedback

“Last week, I was catching up with a client who had entrusted me with a huge sycamore that had anthracnose. Three years ago the leaves were gnarled and full of yellow spots, and the canopy was sparsely populated with leaves. The branches that were barest were extremely unhealthy. He was nearly ready to have the tree cut down, but after treatment with PHOSPHO-jet and TREE-äge® to get rid of other insects, the tree looks spectacular.  He loves his sycamore and now finds himself often admiring it and appreciating its beauty. It’s very rewarding to receive this type of feedback.”



©2014 Arborjet, Inc. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status. TREE-äge® Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide and must only be sold to and used by a state certified applicator or by persons under their direct supervision. TREE-äge® is a registered trademark of Arborjet, Inc.

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Provider Spotlight: Michele Forry Landscape Company, San Antonio TX

michele forry logo

Michele Forry has a degree in Horticulture, and has been employed in the landscape industry for over 25 years. In 1994 Michele Forry Landscapes Company, Inc. became a full time operation, offering a full array of landscape services, including tree injections.

Oak Wilt is the most prevalent issue Michele treats using the TREE I.V. system for tree injection. “The product is directly administered to the vascular system of the tree and you can see it going in. It’s the way to go if you are treating Oak Wilt.”treeIV(1)

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New York City’s “Great Trees” Preserve the Past and Protect the Future


The “Great Tree” Clone Program

Six years ago in New York City, cuttings were taken from nine different species of trees of historical and environmental significance. The “Great Tree” Clone Program, sponsored by the TREE Fund, Bartlett Tree Experts and the New York Restoration Project, has cloned New York City’s aging historic trees and has begun to populate the five boroughs with their offspring.

On Thursday, May 1, NYC Parks, the New York Tree Trust, and MillionTreesNYC joined the TREE Fund, Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy, Bartlett Tree Experts, Schichtels Nursery Oregon and John Bowne High School to plant clones from two historic “mother” trees in Van Cortlandt Park. Read more about the planting here.


Protecting and preserving these trees that could be lost to pests or development is part of ambitious MillionTreesNYC.  The initiative’s goal is to plant one million trees city wide and to date they have planted almost 900,000 trees!

Interested in learning more about the “Great Trees” or participating in MillionTreesNYC? Get all of the information you need at and

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Provider Endorsement: Earthwise Landscape & Pest, Atascadero, CA

logo for earthwise

“After speaking with Dawn on the equipment I was convinced. She was honest as to limitations on specific equipment, what equipment to first purchase and has been available in an unbelievable manner for support and advice. Upon purchasing the Arborjet system it took a few trees to learn the equipment and then business took off. Once the customer hears about and then sees the technical aspects of the tree the jobs pretty much sell themselves. A prestigious horse ranch in California was so impressed with the success of previous treatments and the neatness of service, I was offered to bid setting up a maintenance service on all if their trees ( a couple of hundred). I am now looking into purchasing the viper hydraulic kit. SAY YES to Arborjet. They are honest, supportive and have great equipment that is versatile and effective in all areas of tree service” – Steve Despain

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Product Spotlight: NutriRoot™


What is NutriRoot?


NutriRoot is a 2-part formula made up of a nutrient pack and water manager in one that can be used at planting or as maintenance to mature trees, shrubs, landscape plants, and turf. This unique blend of essential minerals, seaweed extract, humates, surfactants and humectants are designed to increase root development and to reduce water stress in trees, shrubs and lawns. In trials, plants treated with NutriRoot developed twice the amount of root mass!

What are the benefits of using NutriRoot?Nutriroot_family2

  • Promotes root growth
  • Reduces watering
  • Improves transplant success
  • Protects transplants from drought stress and shock
  • Feeds roots all season long

How is NutriRoot applied?

NutriRootTreatedUntreatedRootsApply NutriRoot at planting or to mature landscapes to increase water absorption into the roots and to enhance root growth. NutriRoot may be applied monthly throughout the growing season, particularly in hot, dry months to alleviate water stress in trees and landscape plants. The formula is designed for use in watering cans, hose-end, or hydraulic/pump sprayers, soil injectors and similar equipment.

Please be sure to consult the NutriRoot label for exact dosing guidelines and more information.

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Audubon Miami Valley, Ohio: The Origins of the Ash Tree Project

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Mark Gilmore and his wife Gylaine are Oxford, Ohio natives who graduated from local Miami University and moved away for 20 years pursuing careers. More recently, they moved back home for a simpler lifestyle and purchased a semi-rural property on 5 acres of tree-covered land.

The Gilmores were aware of the devastating Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and were concerned because the home was ringed by 50-foot ash trees. They had an arborist and a landscaper evaluate their trees for infestation, and at the time, observations were negative. Since then EAB in their area appears to have ramped up to what researchers call the “exponential death phase,” when the gradual linear rate of ash mortality suddenly explodes. This threat is what pushed Mr. Gilmore into action to save his trees and trees in his community.

The Looming Threat

“We could see that this was the beginning of a major crisis and I started doing some local research and discovered the bugs were within a 5-10 mile range. The standard wisdom I read is that if EAB gets within a 15 mile radius, it’s time to start treating trees. I began treating trees with a basal trunk spray, but through my research I began to see that TREE-äge® Insecticide was more effective, especially for larger diameter trees. At that point I had 20+ DBH in 5 of the 10 trees that I was treating, and am now up to over 20 trees.”

The Ash Tree Project Begins

In 2013, Mark was asked by Hardy Eshbaugh to join the board of the local National Audubon Society chapter, Audubon Miami Valley. When considering how best to contribute to the Audubon mission, Mark began hosting an information table at various events about EAB, Asian Longhorned Beetle, and invasive pests in general. When an annual grant program was mentioned at a board meeting, Mark got the idea to apply for funding to treat trees against EAB within a nearby nature preserve.

The priority treatment area is a 200+ acre tract known as Hueston Woods State Nature Preserve, also known as “Big Woods.” This area contains old growth timber and was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1967. The HWNSP has an estimated 19% ash tree population which exist in an Important Birding Area (IBA), a flyway designated for conservation emphasis by the National Audubon Society.

Finding the Funding

“We received an Audubon Collaborative Funding Grant to save ash trees within HWNSP. This allowed for the purchase of equipment and one liter of TREE-äge. As I began to do the math I realized that one liter wasn’t going to go very far and I wondered if Arborjet would consider helping us out in any way. In mid-May I contacted Arborjet and formally requested a donation or discount of equipment and chemistry. On the next business day we were thrilled to learn the request had been approved! We received a donation of the necessary equipment and a liter of TREE-äge, and could now allocate our grant money to buy two additional liters of the formula.”

Training Day

“Training was provided on site at HWNSP by Joe Aiken and Dawn Sherman of Arborjet. We treated a 30 inch tree and a 38 inch DBH tree. I will get 9-12 trees out of this initial package and it feels good to have reached the first milestone and actually start saving trees.”

The Ongoing Need

This is a fantastic starting point for Audubon Miami Valley, but more funding is needed to see this project through to its full potential. To find out more about the AMV, contact Mark, or make a donation to further the effort of saving ash trees in the Big Woods, go to

Words of Wisdom

“I hope people read this and realize that there are options other than inaction. People have heard about the bug and want to wait and see, but this is ill-advised. The first thing you will see after you wait is damage to your tree. Start treating your high value ash trees before any decline occurs.”

©2014 Arborjet, Inc. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status. TREE-äge® Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide and must only be sold to and used by a state certified applicator or by persons under their direct supervision. TREE-äge® is a registered trademark of Arborjet, Inc.

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Provider Endorsement: Michele Forry Landscapes, San Antonio, TX

M Forry logo

Years ago, I considered removing trunk injection from my practice. Thankfully, I discovered Arborjet at one of our seminars and I have been using it exclusively ever since. I literally would not do trunk injection without your equipment.


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Provider Spotlight: Tri City Tree Doctor: Sanford, MI

TCTD1logo3Tri City Tree Doctor got in on the ground floor with trunk injections in 2003 injecting IMA-jet for EAB. We did some of the pilot testing with TREE-äge in 2007, and we have been using it exclusively for EAB since it became commercially available in 2008.  We treat a couple thousand ash every year and I have never had one die that was in decent shape.

At Tri City Tree Doctor, we are so confident with the treatment that we offer a complete money back guarantee if the tree has over 50% leaf cover. As a matter of interest, we’ve never had to refund anyone’s money, and the people that have us come back to treat all have healthy ash trees.

Unfortunately, people that have gotten the misinformation that nothing can be done to save the ash trees. One of the great purveyors of these untruths are the drive-by tree cutters that go house to house looking for ash trees and knocking on doors. They tell homeowners that the trees will all die, and then offer a fantastic deal to remove the trees immediately. Some people weren’t aware that they had ash trees, let alone treatment options, and as a result will have them cut. Fortunately others search online and my name comes up. I get a call asking about treatment, examine the tree to form the prognosis and see what we can do for them.

After treating thousands of infested trees we know exactly what to expect. Treated trees will live.

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Maine on Alert: Communities prepare to take a stand against EAB

Last month in Maine, the Town of Yarmouth’s Tree Warden and Tree Committee held a preliminary meeting to talk about Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and the different control methods that are available. The devastating Emerald Ash Borer was found in Concord, NH in late 2013. In response to the looming threat, the town meeting was well-attended and represented a significant number of cities in that area which include Yarmouth, Kennebunkport, Bath, Lewiston, Brunswick, Augusta and South Portland.


Ash trees at riskYarmouth Ash


Concerns were voiced by all and there was discussion about preparing tree inventories. The City of Bath’s case is particularly interesting as it has 20,000 street trees of which 20% are ash. Similarly, the Town of Yarmouth planted ash trees about 40 years ago to replace the Elms that were lost to Dutch Elm Disease. Many of these trees have been adorned with an EAB awareness ribbon which helps raise awareness of how many Ash trees in town could be affected.


Moving forward


Government officials are setting up regular meetings and being proactive so they can stay a step ahead. The key to successfully saving the ash trees will be found in individual communities developing grassroots communication systems to provide educational materials and other helpful resources for homeowners before it’s too late.


Creating a plan


The Maine Forest Service has provided a sample strategy for setting up an EAB management plan. This outlines the municipality’s objective and the approaches it will use to meet the anticipated impact of Emerald Ash Borer on its urban and community forest resource.


A simple breakdown of the plan begins with an inventory of all publicly owned ash trees, and then a prioritized treatment and removal plan. A monitoring plan will also be implemented to identify possible sources of EAB importation into the community such as campgrounds, nurseries, and firewood dealers and monitor nearby ash trees for infestation.


A wood utilization and disposal strategy will be implemented in quarantined communities. Finally, a tree replacement and canopy maintenance strategy based on the inventory and focused on diversity will be put into place.


Preliminary recommendations


The Yarmouth Tree Warden and Tree Committee recommend systemic injections as the method of treatment as this method has been proven effective and is the least expensive option. They have begun their public education campaign so that residents may make an informed decision. This admirable and proactive stance will save an untold numbers of trees and tax dollars.




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