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Erythrina Gall Wasp Treatment


A: Adult female gall wasp B: Severe gall wasp damage C: Gall Wasp pupae inside gall D: Gall Wasp damage on "Tall Erythrina."Images from the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture

The Erythrina Gall Wasp is an exotic pest of the wiliwili tree (Erythrina variegata).  Common tree names include tigers claw, Indian coral tree and wiliwili-haole.  It was first discovered in Hawaii in 2005.  The developing EGW larvae induce galls in tender leaf and stem tissue. Unchecked infestations cause leaf deformation, reduction in growth, defoliation and tree death.


Treating Erythrina Gall Wasp

IMA-jet is a systemic insecticide

IMA-jet is a systemic insecticide specifically formulated for tree injection.

Arborjet recommends a trunk injection with  IMA-jet (imidacloprid) insecticide using the Tree I.V. system and #4 Arborplugs.

Generally, the best seasons for tree injection are fall and spring. Uptake occurs when trees are transpiring. The environmental conditions that favor uptake are moderate temperatures, adequate soil moisture, and high humidity.   Tree health will influence uptake time.  Generally, hot weather or dry soil conditions will result in a reduced rate of uptake.  If treating trees in the summer, inject in the morning for the quickest uptake. A dying tree is a poor candidate for treatment.  It is the responsibility of the arborist or tree custodian to assess tree health and its potential for recovery before undertaking treatment. Tree injection time varies depending on the season, time of day, environmental conditions, and tree health.

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All Images from the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture New Pest Advisory Bulletin.  See advisory. 
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