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Oak Tree Insect Pests & Diseases

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The Oak tree is native to the Northern Hemisphere, ranging from the tropical Asian area to the Americas. The Oak tree species can be deciduous as well as evergreen.

Oak Tree Insect Pests & Treatments

  • Gypsy Moth (Treatments: TREE-äge®*, ACE-jet, AzaSol)
  • Oak Worm Caterpillar (Treatments: TREE-äge®, ACE-jet, AzaSol)
  • Oak Borer (Treatments: ACE-jet, AzaSol)
  • Oak Leaf Caterpillar (Treatments: ACE-jet, AzaSol)
  • Winter Moth (Treatments: TREE-äge®, ACE-jet, AzaSol)

Oak Tree Diseases & Treatments

Oak Tree Nutrient Deficiency & Treatments

Learn More About Common Tree Pests & Treatments

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*Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using these products. The instructions contain important conditions of sale, including limitations of warranty and remedy. TREE-äge® Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide and must only be sold to and applied by a state certified applicator. TREE-äge® is not registered for use in all states. Please check with your state or local extension service prior to buying or using this product. TREE-äge® is a registered trademark of Arborjet, Inc.
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