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2017 Winter Webinar Training Series

New to Arborjet? Need to brush up on your Arborjet product knowledge? Sign up today for our 2017 Winter Webinar Training Series! This is a live, interactive, online course which will allow you to maximize your applicator's skill and your company's profit potential with Arborjet injection services. Read on to learn more!

2017 Winter Webinar Training Series Details

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​Course Overview

The Arborjet Winter Webinar Training Series is a web-based, live instruction training program designed to provide successful graduates with a basic level of knowledge required to be an Arborjet applicator.  Graduates will understand: how and when to use the Arborjet injection systems; basic maintenance of those systems; proper Arborplug setting; how and when to use Arborjet’s pesticides, fungicides, and nutritional formulations; the basics of tree physiology as it relates to trunk injection; what the common opportunities for Arborjet treatments are, how to position and sell Arborjet injection treatments, and what marketing tools and materials Arborjet offers to help the Arborjet service provider develop new revenue streams and grow their business.  Upon completion of the course, graduates will be awarded a $150 rebate coupon, an “Arborjet Trained” graphic for use in their marketing and advertising, and will be listed as an Arborjet Service Provider on the Arborjet website Service Provider search engine which directs local prospects to their business.


Course Reference Information and Notices

All outgoing communication relative to this course is via email.  It is critically important that you provide a regularly accessed email address when you register.  For convenient reference, all course information is accessible at this Arborjet Winter Webinar Web Page.  Every effort will be made to notify attendees in advance by email of any schedule or course changes.  Any schedule changes will also be posted to the Arborjet Winter Webinar Web Page.   It is recommended that for the duration of the course, the attendee make a habit of checking their inbox, including their SPAM folder and junk mail folder, for any notices relative to the course.


Course Registration

Early registration, by December 31, 2016 is $29.95.  Registration after December 31, 2016 is $39.95.  Registration will close on January 12, 2017.   The course is free for Arborjet distributors, previous course graduates, and any attendee who would like to audit all or some portion of the course for educational purposes only, foregoing any other benefits. 

To register, click here


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