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Flexible Options for the Way You Want to Treat

Our QUIK-jet gives you the ability to inject trees directly from our product containers.  Arborjet provides options for the way you want to treat.  Of course, you may continue to use your QUIK-jet with the round bottom bottle just as you have in the past.

Why use our Always Ready method?

• Injecting straight from the product container saves you time and money
• It’s even easier than the tip & pour, just screw the QUIK-jet bottle cap directly onto your product container, calibrate the glass barrel to your desired injection amount and go!
• More rapid transfer of product, while reducing product waste
• Using the Always Ready method assures easier access to the product label
• Streamline the entire injection process and clean-up faster when using the Always Ready method


Important Note on Registration & Usage:

Please note that the QUIK-jet cap can be used on the IMA-jet and  TREE-äge product containers.   As always, not all products are registered for use in all states. Visit our registration page or contact your local extension or Department of Agriculture to verify that a product is registered for use in your area.

Do not attempt to attach the product container to the TREE I.V. bottle cap or attempt to pressurize the container as it is not designed to handle pressure.

©2014 Arborjet, Inc. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status. TREE-äge® Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide and must only be sold to and used by a state certified applicator or by persons under their direct supervision.TREE-äge® is a registered trademark of Arborjet, Inc.


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