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Managing EAB in Your Municipality

You may be responsible for the health of your city's trees and landscape. It's imperative that you protect valuable public trees, reduce liability, and manage costs within your budget. Today, cities like Chicago and Milwaukee are consulting with Arborjet to deal with invasive pests like Emerald Ash Borer.

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Resources to help you manage Emerald Ash Borer

Tool Kit for Managing EAB

The Society of Municipal Arborists (SMA) developed a new tool kit for cities, which helps you navigate through the management options. SMA is the leading educational organization for those who manage trees in municipalities; they are encouraging all municipalities to re-evaluate their EAB management strategies based on the latest science, discussed in their EAB Position Paper.

Independent Research on Treatment

EAB has been extensively studied for the past 12 years and the results are definitive; forecasted costs of EAB are in excess of $10billion through 2019. There are extremely effective treatments, which will protect ash trees at a fraction of the cost of removals and replacements. Click here for independent research.

Successful Treatment Programs

Cities like Chicago; Milwaukee; St. Paul; Rochester, NY and dozens of smaller communities have initiated extremely successful treatment campaigns, saving their cities millions. Read through their Success Stories. There is little doubt that treatment is much less expensive than removal and replacement, while also being very effective. Watch the latest EAB University Webinar with Joe Boggs, Ohio State Entomologist.

Tree Removal vs. Treatment Cost

The average city owned tree costs from $750 - $1200 to remove, stump grind and replace. That same tree may be successfully kept alive for as little as $23 per year, while most cities are treating no more frequently than every third year. Trees, providing significant value to your city, can be protected for 20 to 30 years before the cost to remove and replace is equaled by treatment.

Tree Value and Benefits Calculator

Trees provide tangible benefits to your community. On average, each 17 inch diameter ash tree provides $150 in value to your community each year. Calculate the benefits of your city's trees using the National Tree Benefit Calculator.


Additional resources

View a recording of our EAB Webinar for Municipalities.

Qualify treatment contractors - Sample Plan from New Brighton, MN

Develop a EAB Management Plan for your municipality - Sample Plan

Treatment Facts for EAB

EAB Municipality Brochure


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