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While walking to class, the cafeteria, or the fitness center, you love the beautiful scenery trees provide on your campus. Make sure they are protected and preserved in an environmentally sound way so others can view the same beautiful landscape you see for years to come.

Is Your Campus Located in an EAB Quarantine Zone?

Many communities that are infested with EAB are resorting to simply cutting down all ash trees. Be proactive and educate your peers, student government, and other stakeholders about the importance of saving your campus trees from EAB. See if your school is in an EAB zone image

Keep Your Campus Green!

Trees are valuable so, preserve that lush green landscape your campus resides on! Arborjet offers a variety of products to ensure the protection of your campus trees from invasive insects and diseases while ensuring they live a strong healthy life. Products

Trees Are Valuable

Do you know the economic and environmental value that just one single tree holds on your campus? Trees save money on heating, cooling, and also sequester carbon from the air. Try the National Tree Benefit Calculator

Are Your Campus Trees Being Treated Safely?

Are your trees treated by spraying or soil applied practices? If so, you, others, and the environment around you could be harmed by its hazardous side effects. Arborjet tree injection significantly reduces environmental hazards spraying and soil applied pesticides pose. Our Competitive Advantage

Tree Campus USA

The Arborday Foundation started a program call Tree Campus USA in 2008. See what campuses joined and see how you can make trees a priority on your campus. Tree Campus USA



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Current Pest Warnings

Emerald Ash Borer

Threatening over 15 states in the U.S. Learn More

Pine Bark Beetles

Threatening pines in Southern and Western U.S. Learn More

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly

Nuisance pest affecting trees in S. Florida Learn More