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When you walk around campus, you probably appreciate the value trees provide to your campus. You can make sure trees on campus are protected and preserved in an environmentally friendly way. Trees on your campus may be threatened by invasive pests and Arborjet wants to help.

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Keep Your Campus Green!

Tell your campus decision makers that you want trees protected by Arborjet. Help preserve that lush green landscape on your campus. Besides, it is your home away from home for 4+ years! Arborjet helps protect that beautiful scenery you're used to viewing every day.

Are Your Campus Trees Being Treated Safely?

Do you know if your campus trees are treated by spraying or soil applied pesticides? If not, find out! Be heard, and ask your campus groundskeepers what methods they use. If it is the case, you, others, and the environment around you could be harmed by its hazardous side effects. Arborjet tree injection eliminates any environmental hazards associated with pesticide spraying and soil applications. Learn about the Tree Injection Advantage

Is Your Campus Located in an EAB Quarantine Zone?

Arborjet trunk injection saves ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer. Research studies prove trunk injection is the most effective and longest lasting treatment option for EAB. It costs less to treat an ash tree than it does to remove one. ($40 vs. $700+)

Be proactive, Ash Trees can be saved

Educate your peers, student government, and other stakeholders about the importance of saving your campus trees from EAB. See if your school is in an EAB zone

Tree Campus USA

The Arborday Foundation started a program call Tree Campus USA in 2008. See what campuses joined and see how you can make trees a priority on your campus. Tree Campus USA


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Current Pest Warnings

Emerald Ash Borer

Threatening over 15 states in the U.S. Learn More

Pine Bark Beetles

Threatening pines in Southern and Western U.S. Learn More

Rugose Spiraling Whitefly

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