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Arborplugs® provide injection ports that seal formulations inside trees. Arborplugs are the most advanced innovation in trunk injection technology to ensure precise, high volume, and highly effective applications. Arborplugs are used once, and stay inside the tree to protect the tree from infection. The tree will grow over the Arborplugs in 1-2 years.

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Arborplug Advantage

  • Facilitates high volumes of formulation injected directly to the xylem tissue of the tree.
  • Tight seal and consistent pressure during injection for quicker applications.
  • High volume capacity minimizes the number of injection sites.
  • Limits wounding, inhibits infection, and provides surface for tree to grow over.

#4 Arborplugs 3/8'' for conifer and medium to large trees

#3 Arborplugs 9/32'' for small to medium deciduous trees



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