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If you're not an arborist or you're new to the tree injection business, you can learn about trees here.

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Anatomical Types

Trees may be grouped into 3 basic anatomical types based on the structure of their vascular system.

  • Ring Porous: Pores in early are wood larger than in late wood and appear in a ring. Ring Porous trees allow for the fastest injection time. (ex. Ash, Chesnut, Elm)
  • Diffuse Porous: Spring wood pores are the same size as late wood pores in diffuse porous trees. Diffuse porous trees allow for a medium uptake time. (ex. Birch Linden, Maple)
  • Non-Porous: Injections are more difficult in non-porous trees due to the radius of the openings of tracheid cells. (ex. Resinous Conifers, Pine, Hemlock)

Early wood: larger xylem cells resulting from better growing conditions early in the growing season

Late wood: smaller xylem cells produced latter in the growing season.

Wood Anatomy

The Xylem is responsible for the transport of water and soluble mineral nutrients from the roots throughout the plant

In conifers, or non-porous trees, their xylems are exclusively made up tracheids; elongated cells that serve in the transport of water. It has a slower rate of transport compared to vessel elements due to its openings' smaller radius.

In hardwoods, the xylem is made up of both tracheids and vessels elements; vessel elements are only found in angiosperms (flowering trees.) Vessel elements allow a faster rate of transport due to a larger radius.


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Arborjet Tree Injection & Tree Anatomy

When treating trees with Arborjet, you're injecting directly into the primary transport tissue of the tree, its xylem, assuring quick translocation of formulation throughout the tree. The Tree Injection Advantage


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