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Spider mites infest a variety of conifer species, including pines, spruce, hemlocks, arborvitaes and others. The mites pierce and suck nutrients from conifer needles.  Because spider mites are so tiny, the easiest way to diagnose infestation is to take a twig sample from your conifer and beat it against a white piece of paper; the spider mites will appear as moving brown specks on the paper.  Spider mites create webbing at the base of needles and branches.

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Needles will become mottled in color. This will progress into needle discoloration and in severe infestations, needle loss.

Photo A taken by Rayanne Lehman, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,
Photo B taken by USDA Forest Service - Region 4 - Intermountain Archive, USDA Forest Service,
Photos C and D taken by John A. Weidhass, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,


A properly time application of ACE-jet can significantly reduce or eliminate the existing population of mites on the tree. ACE-jet can be mixed with MIN-jet Iron for a pesticide/fertilizer injection.

When to Treat

Generally, the best seasons for injection are fall and spring, as uptake occurs when trees are transpiring. The environmental conditions that favor uptake are adequate soil moisture and relatively high humidity. Soil temperature should be above 40 degrees F for trunk injection. Hot weather or dry soil conditions will result in a reduced rate of uptake, so trees should be watered if applications occur when the soil is extremely dry. If treating trees in the summer, it issi best to inject in the morning for the quickest uptake. Tree health will affect treatment efficacy, so assess tree health prior to treating. For example, a declining tree (>50% canopy dieback) is a poor candidate for treatment.

ACE-jet should be applied at the first sign of mite feeding.

Since spider Mmites prefer hot and dry conditions, and infestation usually becomes severean issue in the summer months. Arborjet recommends a program of mMonitor ing environmental conditions during the summer months: d. uring periods of summer stress, inspect trees for building mite infestations, which are particularly injurious to conifers. In other words, keep one eye on the trees and another eye on the weather. For fastest uptake rate, early morning is the best time to inject in the summer months During hot weather, treatments should be made . Uptake rates will be fastest early in the mornings during , which is the coolest part of the day. If the soil is dry, water the tree thoroughly. ACE-jet moves rapidly into foliage for effective and If the infestation is present, this new insecticide can be injected for quick mite control. kill of mites.

What to Expect After Treatment

This injectable insecticide will quickly kill the mites present. However, ACE-jet has limited residual value and may require more than one application to protect against reinfestation

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