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Made From High Quality Botanical Extracts For Naturally Protected Plants

•Effective & Fast-Acting

•Non-Toxic to People & Pets

•Same Day Harvest

•Indoor & Outdoor Use


Eco-PM® Botanical Fungicide

(20.0% Thyme, 1.0% Clove Oil)

Eco-PM is a broad spectrum contact fungicide, derived from botanical plant oils and extracts.

Effective for: Powdery & Downy Mildew, Botrytis Gray Mold, Late Blight, Early Blight, Black Spot, Anthracnose, Rust, Scab, Leaf Spot, Fusarium Blight, Dollar Spot, Red Thread, Rhizoctonia Brown Patch, and Pythium Blight.

  • 040-8000 32 fl. oz. Ready-to-Use
  • 040-8002 8 fl. oz Concentrate: Makes up to 5 gallons
  • 040-8005 32 fl oz. Concentrate: Makes up to 26 gallons
  • 040-8020 Gallon Concentrate: Makes up to 100 gallons



Eco-Mite Plus® Botanical Insecticide Miticide

(5.0% Rosemary, 2.5% Rosemary Oil, 2.5% Peppermint Oil, 2.5% Cottonseed Oil)

Eco-Mite Plus is a contact miticide and insecticide, derived from botanical plant oils and extracts.

Effective for: Phytophagous Mites, eggs, and nymphs; Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale Crawlers, Thrips, Whiteflies, Psyllids, and other piercing-sucking insects.

  • 040-7000 32 fl. oz. Ready-to-Use
  • 040-7002 8 fl. oz. Concentrate: Makes up to 3 gallons
  • 040-7005 32 fl. oz. Concentrate: Makes up to 13 gallons
  • 040-7020 Gallon Concentrate: Makes up to 53 gallons

The Eco-Line Difference

Eco-PM and Eco-Mite Plus are specialty blends of high quality, organically sourced, botanical oils and extracts providing higher concentrations and more effective control. Many of the oils and extracts are distilled in-house to assure quality and consistency.

  • EPA Minimum Risk active ingredients allowed for use on food crops
  • Specifically designed to avoid burning
  • Same day harvest

AzaSol™ Non-Oil Based Water Soluble Powder

(6.0% Azadirachtin)

AzaSol is a broad spectrum insecticide botanically derived from the Neem plant.

Effective for: Aphids, Whiteflies, Leafminers, Scale, Mealybugs, Thrips, Psyllids, Bugs, Flies, Fungus Gnats, Sawflies, Caterpillars, Beetles, Weevils, Borers, Mole Crickets, Mushrooms Flies, Pests of Turf Grass and more.

  • 040-5020 0.25 oz. Container: Makes up to 6 gallons
  • 040-5011 0.75 oz. Packet: Makes up to 18 gallons
  • 040-5001 6 oz (8 of 0.75 oz. packets): Makes up to 108 gallons


The AzaSol Difference

AzaSol is a water soluble powder which comes from the highest quality Neem. Through its patented production process, AzaSol provides an exceptionally potent, non-oil based, and environmentally friendly insect control solution.
• No oily residue or clogging of equipment
• Won’t burn leaves or block photosynthesis
• Systemic & translaminar (Absorbed through leaves)
• Same day harvest


Premium Fertilizers & Water Management

Naturally Water Less, Improve Soil, & Grow Vigorous Plants

Enhance Soil Conditions

Reduce Watering & Drought Stress

Accelerate Root Growth

Indoor & Outdoor Use



ARBORChar is a complete fertilizer and biochar blend for improving leaf vigor, root development, and soil structure in indoor and outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs.
Recommended for: General plant nutrition, improving sandy or clay soils, increasing water retention, and reducing nutrient leaching. Additional Calcium helps to inhibit Blossom End Rot.

Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4 Premium Fertilizer & Biochar Blend

(22.0% Biochar, 3.0% Nitrogen, 6.0% Phosphorous, 4.0% Soluble Potash, 10.0% Calcium, 2.5% Magnesium)
  • 030-5120 1 lb Blend: Covers 200 sq. ft.
  • 030-5125 4 lb Blend: Covers 800 sq. ft.

All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 Premium Fertilizer & Biochar Blend

(21.0% Biochar, 5.0% Nitrogen, 6.0% Phosphorous, 4.0% Soluble Potash, 6.0% Calcium, 2.0% Magnesium)
  • 030-5110 1 lb Blend: Covers 200 sq. ft.
  • 030-5115 4 lb Blend: Covers 800 sq. ft.

Summer Stress 0-0-9 Premium Fertilizer & Biochar Blend

(29.0% Biochar, 20.0% Leonardite, 6.0% Humectant, 9.0% Soluble Potash, 5% Magnesium, 1.5% Iron)
ARBORChar Summer Stress is an unique blend of biochar, humectants, and minerals for reducing watering while improving leaf greening in stressed conditions, root development, and soil structure in indoor and outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs.
Recommended for: Nitrogen and Phosphorus sensitive areas, adding Iron to maintain green in hot months, decreasing seasonal deficiencies of Potassium and Magnesium, improving sandy or clay soils, and increasing water retention.
  • 030-5130 1 lb Blend: Covers 100 sq. ft.
  • 030-5135 4 lb Blend: Covers 400 sq. ft.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is created by burning organic matter without oxygen in a process called pyrolysis, turning it into a porous and charged carbon material. Able to hold up to 10 times its weight in water, biochar reduces fertilizer runoff and soil compaction while providing a home for soil microorganisms.

The ARBORChar Difference

Traditional biochar, due to its absorptive nature, may strip nutrients from the plants causing deficiencies and stunting growth. It also can have high pH, preventing nutrients from being available to plants. ARBORChar is uniquely built with biochar amended with naturally derived nutrients and minerals for improved leaf vigor, root & fruit development, and soil microbiology.
• Designed to have neutral pH and produce minimal dust
• Made from biochar derived from recycled trees for increased porosity
• Slowly releases essential elements
• Will not burn sensitive plant material


NutriRoot™ 2-2-3 Liquid Soil Applied Fertilizer

(2.0% Nitrogen, 2.0% Phosphate, 3.0% Soluble Potash, 0.75% Iron, 0.50% Manganese, 0.25% Zinc)
NutriRoot is a unique blend of essential minerals, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants designed to increase root development and to reduce water stress in trees, shrubs, and lawns.
Recommended for: Root development, transplant success, water stress management, nutritional deficiencies, sandy soils, dry soil conditions, and summer & winter stress.
  • 030-4100 8 fl. oz. Concentrate: Makes up to 6.25 gallons
  • 030-4101 32 fl. oz. Concentrate: Makes up to 25 gallons
  • 030-4102 32 fl. oz. Hose End Sprayer: Covers up to 750 sq. ft.
  • 030-4103 1 Gallon Concentrate: Makes up to 100 gallons

The NutriRoot Difference

Unlike most products currently available on the market that are purely nutrientbased or simply a standalone water management product, NutriRoot combines these into one easy and effective treatment enabling soil to extract water from the air into the root zone, reducing the need for watering and resulting in successful plantings even in stressed conditions.
• Patented blend of humectants draws water from the air
• Reduces water run-off from repellent, dry soil surfaces
• Includes humic acid, kelp & micronutrients to support soil microbiology

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