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"Your product is great. Every aspect of your injection system is extremely well engineered and manufactured. We're immensely impressed." - Guerin Wilkinson, Green Street Tree Care, Ann Arbor, MI

"Every ash tree we treated with IMA-jet last year has survived Emerald Ash Borer infestation. Now they have full-sized deep-green leaves and the top die back has stopped." - Guerin Wilkinson, Green Street Tree Care Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The Arborjet TREE I.V. system has enabled me to save thousands of my customers' trees that would have died from HWA." - Ryan Franks, Appalachian Tree Care, Western North Carolina

"I have been using the Arborjet system to treat iron chlorosis in my clients' trees and have seen them restored to full health within weeks." - Ron Howell, Howell Tree & Landscape, Columbus, OH.

"I believe any tree service could benefit from the addition of an Arborjet Microinjection System to its list of services. The Arborjet has revolutionized the treatment of trees, and has finally brought our industry into the 21st century with a technology sophisticated enough to meet the expectations of the most demanding arborist." - Ryan Franks, Appalachian Tree Care, Western North Carolina

"I love the ease with which the Arborjet system is used and the quick results. I am especially amazed by the TREE I.V." - Matthew Perkins, Done Rite Tree and Plant Health Care

"The Arborjet is the best injection tool I've used in thirty years." - Paul Droz, Trapper Tree Service, Nantucket, MA

"We have found the Arborjet Microinjection System to be far superior to any other treatment method. The equipment is state-of-the-art and the formulations are the most advanced in the industry. The Arborjet TREE I.V. system has enabled me to save thousands of my customers' trees that would have died from HWA." - Ryan & Tracie Franks, Appalachian Tree Care, Western North Carolina

"I treated several lindens with ACE-jet for Japanese beetles and my customer wrote me a letter expressing how pleased she was and described the results as "astonishing". Thank you Arborjet for helping me be successful with my customers. You guys are top notch!" - Jeff Hiel, Tree Savers, New Market, Maryland

"Arborjet's products have a higher level of accuracy and professionalism which I find missing from other tree injection methods." - Jonathan Bransfield, Bransfield Tree Co, Lincoln, Massachusetts

"Arborjet is by far the best equipment purchase I've ever made. It paid for itself in two jobs!" - Ryan Franks, Appalachian Tree Care Asheville, North Carolina

"The hydraulic device is an excellent tool in micro nutrient deficiency treatments. It has reduced my treatment visits for fertilization in difficult soils that would usually take 3 to 4 visits that now only take one application. It has helped my in so many ways, for instance, in time, revenue and better results." - Fidel Imperial, Nature First Professional Tree Care & Managemet, Soquel, CA

"Response to our Arborjet treatment program for the HWA has been very enthusiastic. We've experienced growth in our business unlike anything we've previously seen." - Ryan Franks, Appalachian Tree Care, Western North Carolina

"Thanks to Arborjet products, Winchester heritage trees were not only saved from the devastating Winter Moth caterpillar, but their health has dramatically improved as well." - Jay Gill, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, Winchester, MA


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