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With the increase of exotic invasive pests threatening our natural and urban forests, tree injection is a growing market. Homeowners are demanding environmentally friendly alternatives like trunk injection, to protect and preserve their trees. Arborjet provides an opportunity for you to increase the value you provide to your customers and grow your profits.


With Arborjet products, you will be able to differeniate from other tree care professionals by providing a solution that is fast and effective elminating the need to use alternatives that put pesticides in the air and soil. Trunk injections can be done during inclement weather and in active areas where other applications can't be used or require special scheduling.

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Enter a new market for tree care with low start up costs. There's no need to invest in spray rigs and soil injection equipment. Upon receiving Arborjet products, you'll be fully supported by Arborjet's training materials, our distributors, and our customer service representatives.


Gain a large opportunity to distribute a new and innovative tree care product in a growing market. Contact us to learn more about becoming an Arborjet distributor.


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