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You know protecting trees is important, so you'll appreciate how Arborjet helps protect trees in your neighborhood. Our trunk injection process replaces the old method of soaking pesticides into the soil and spraying the canopy to control tree pests.

What is Arborjet Trunk Injection?

Imagine protecting trees from invasive pests without worrying about off-target spray or soil applied pesticides. That's exactly what Arborjet trunk injection offers. Trunk injection can be compared to a hospital I.V., we inject our formulations directly into the tree's vascular system where it distributes throughout the tree.  Moreover, formulations are sealed inside the tree through the use of an Arborplug to acheive fast and effective results. The Tree Injection Advantage

What are Invasive Tree Pests?

Invasive tree pests are tree insects or diseases that kill a widespread numbers of trees. Usually pests are imported from another country due to global trade. These pests can be devastating to natural and urban forests. Tree Problems

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If you are worried about your trees, contact a local Arborist for diagnosis or Find a Service Provider.


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